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Keeping it going

  • So some honesty is in order.
  • I am the sole owner, creator, designer, etc of this little venture.
  • I spend about 20 hours a week not playing but
    • Doing server maintenance
    • Planning and executing events
    • Conflict resolution with players
    • Assisting players with issues
    • Creating new content for servers and marketing
    • Scripting and debugging
    • Advertising (setting up paid ads, commenting, posting, searching for new players, etc)
  • Our servers were private, our group of friends grew, so i decided to share with others; the game style we enjoy.
  • Thank you very much for playing with us and making it all possible.
  • Side note: i have spent literally thousands of hours on constructing, developing, and implementing this content before we created this page. Please understand why i don't make time for rewards programs.